Screen Showing the Craft-Sale website as well as an event in progress

it must be fete goes from zero to a fully crafted hero.

We created branding, a new look website, adword campaign and cool mini postcard invites for our friends over at Taking their website from unloved and unvisited to appearing in Smashing Magazine's "How to Design with Colour".


The Craft-Sale series are on going family run craft events in London, they started live as part of a local craft group's desire to bring their creativity to a wider audience. Wanting a professional looking website but didn't know where to start or really what to ask for. They contacted us and we jumped at the chance of working with people who care pashonately about what they do.


Louise from Craft-Sale explains: "Aint Rocket Science were invaluable in getting our business up and running, we really wouldn't have got very far without them. They created all our branding, and had some brilliant ideas for using it at our sales. They then followed up their great first microsite, with a second that's been just brilliant for us."


"They've also gone out of their way to advise us on nearly everything; social networks, using Skype as a business line, helping us get a really good position on Google. Possibly their most helpful suggestions have been designing us a template flyer that we could print on top of ourselves, to add dates and locations and creating the 'Seller Pack'. I simply can't tell you how much time, effort and money it saved us".


Photograph of a Business card size post card

"They then topped all of this with the Business-Postcards... We'd asked Aint Rocket Science to come up with a marketing tool, so we could say 'Just a little hello to all our clients'. Well they gave us litterally what we asked for!"


"We were blown away when Royal Mail actually delivered the prototype! A brilliantly simple solution. They have proved such a hit, it's looking likely there will be a whole series of the Business-Postcards ready for the series of upcoming Craft-Sales"


Thanks to Louise from Craft-Sale.

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